Our Mission is to always create new designs & continues to dress the Tshirt community with the edge it’s been craving.  The ultimate plan for the brand is to expand beyond Tshirts, creating a wardrobe found in closets across the country and around the world.

                                   “CLASSIC” NEVER RUNS OUT OF STYLE, IT CREATES IT."

Classic Material is a T-shirt design firm created for New York’s realest. Bringing it back to the “old” New York, when the people were the trendsetters, not trend followers. Creating a cutting edge style for the underdogs that make the noise, and get their voices heard. Classic Material was founded in 2004 by Carlos Maldonado who was born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, the epic enter of hip-hop and rap. Having these lifelong influences entrenched from the outset, he carries a deep love of old school RAP & HIP HOP.
He has been owner and operator a clothing store in Poughkeepsie, New York since 1997 where inspiration hit him to start Classic Material when an associate, DJ Kool Kirk came to Carlos to feature his T-shirt he sold on the road, at the store. The design sold by CMNY for DJ Kool Kirk was a hit with clients, and it became clear to Carlos NY lacked proper representation in the Hip-Hop T-Shirt community. This inspired him to design and create his own line of Tees with an urban swag.  Starting with the “To LIVE AND DIE IN NY” line, echoing the inner attitude of so many New Yorkers. When that created a buzz, the idea of “I RUN NY” was born, and solidified the reputation of what Classic Material would represent.

The first of many loyal clients to show interest in the Classic Material line were, DJ Ted Smooth, DJ JS-1, DJ PF Cuttin, Scram Jones, Tony Touch, Big Jeff from Zulu Nation, Hannibal Stax, DJ G Bo, and DJ Premier. The DJs and artists wore Classic Material’s line of shirts during radio shows, concerts, and special events, giving the brand the exposure for expansion, consistently growing in business and popularity.

Following “I RUN NY” Carlos conceptualized over a dozen designs, collaborating with graphic designers and artists, working closest with grade school friend P-Jay (Nef) of Born Kings NYC who took his ideas and turned them into master pieces, redesigning “I RUN NY,” touching up “KING OF NEW YORK” which was a sold with a CD of tracks by DJ PF Cuttin, and “MORE GUNS THAN ROSES” which was inspired by one of NYC’s greatest rappers, Notorious B.I.G. In celebrating of Biggies death he collaborated with DJ Unexpected to create an original samples mix of his greatest tracks with the CD cover reflecting the Tee. On the same vein Classic Material and DJ Unexpected also collaborated on the “SUPREME CLIENTELE” T with a mix CD of Ghost-face music and original samples.

Once the brand took off, Carlos needed to step it up to the next level.  At a Guru memorial event where he met from mutual friends, web designer Suzan Pinto of Magnetworx, teaming up with them took CMNY from its beginning stages of online world, making it what it is now the reality of handwork & loyalty within a strong team.
Its was all a Dream!
Written by Magnetworx (Cheri Haller)

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